Our Team

Who are we?
We’re a group of fun-loving sports-enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and parents of active children, as well as product professionals & engineers living in Silicon Valley who love building things that we actually care about. Instead of building another “Enterprise SAAS” tool targeted towards corporations, we came together and said, “let’s build something that we actually give a crap about and would like to use.” And since we’re also huge fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, we nicknamed each other characters in the series for fun.

So a group of people named Aragorn (business & product guy), Gandalf (overall tech wizard), Frodo (super-dependable back-end dev & database guy), and Legolas (savvy & slick front-end web guy) set out on a startup technology quest, united by a common cause to build a bad-ass product that will actually benefit youth athletes. We then recruited a few other skilled people (Arwen, Samwise, Gimli) to work on the project, and together we’ve happily introduced KickMetrics™ to the world. Oh yeah… the guys mentioned above are really experienced in business and technology, having founded and run numerous startups including having their companies acquired by larger/public companies, etc… but that stuff is boring, so we’ll stop with that and continue with our Lord of the Rings theme :)

What made us decide to build this product?
The journey all started a few years back with Aragorn. He’s a sports junkie, and his kids are heavily involved in many sports & activities, including soccer, basketball, ballet, and gymnastics. But no matter how much he wanted his kids to improve in their chosen passions, he did not have an easy way to first get specific and actionable feedback from his kids’ coaches (most feedback sessions were verbal, on paper, or in email), understand their relative areas strengths, weaknesses, ranking, & progress, then craft a prioritized plan to maximize their development.

So Aragorn went and talked to his kids’ coaches and instructors about possibly building them a tool to make player evaluations and analyses fast and effective… they absolutely loved the idea, and indeed, they were willing to be the first customers of the product if Aragorn built it for them. Intrigued, he then spoke with other coaches, instructors, athletes, & parents of athletes from a wide range of other sports and activities, who shared the same enthusiasm and deep need for the product. At that point, Aragorn was convinced that this product needed to be built, so he recruited some skilled technology friends; thus, the “Fellowship of the Ring” for KickMetrics™ began.

Our goals moving forward
We want you to love our product, so after trying it out, we really want to hear your feedback on what you like and how we can improve the product and service. Ping us at Support [at] KickMetrics.com because we are all ears. We promise we’re listening carefully, and we’re going to continue improving KickMetrics™ until it’s the most bad-ass and indispensable tool for coaches, parents, & players to maximize player development & growth. And don’t forget to recommend us to your friends, coaches, instructors, and others who could benefit greatly from KickMetrics™.

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