FAQ Section


Is KickMetrics™ free?

Yes, both Coaches & Instructors who want to evaluate their players, and Parents & Players who receive an evaluation, can access the KickMetrics™ service for free, but you can also pay to upgrade the service. As a Coach, you can manage as many Teams & Players as you’d like, as well as create, conduct & access unlimited evaluations for free. You can then choose to upgrade to get many more features, including access to your Data Dashboard, and to provide upgraded views for your Players. As a Player (or Parent) you will always get free access to a summary view of your Coach’s evaluation of your abilities, including the summary comments, but if you upgrade (or your Team upgrades to a specific plan), you can have full access to your evaluations, as well as your Data Analytics Dashboard.

If I pay or upgrade, can I cancel payment at any time?

Yes, if you decide to pay, you can cancel your subscription at any time to receive credit back to your account for any unused portion of your prior payment, which you can use to purchase something else (and you won’t be charged again). But since we are a pay-as-you-go-service, we don’t provide refunds, which means your are financially responsible for any charges already incurred.

I am Player (or Parent), but why can't I see my Player Evaluation or Data Analytics Dashboard?

This means that your Coach or Instructor has not completed and sent your Player Evaluation to you yet. It usually takes your Coach anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks from the time (s)he sends you an invitation to join KickMetrics until (s)he finishes your evaluation and releases it to you. As such, please be patient, as you will definitely be able to see your evaluation once it has been completed and sent to you by your Coach.

Is my Player Evaluation confidential, or can other people see it?

Yes, the scores on your Player Evaluation, as well as the comments from your Coach, are 100% confidential, meaning that only the Player (and authorized Parents/Family of the player) can view the information. Of course, keep in mind that your Coach who graded you (as well as the authorized Coaching staff) can obviously see this information because (s)he created it and is grading all of the players.

For any questions we don’t address here, please email us at Support [at] KickMetrics.com. Once we get enough of the same inquiries, we will add it to the FAQs.